"Over 1200 monster sounds – as in, sounds made by fictional monsters – foldered in such descriptive categories as “Bellow & Blast”, “Growl & Roar” and “Exert & Attack & Fury”. Commendably, Cinetools have also included the 233 raw source recordings, pulling back the curtain to reveal the very human grunts, groans, yells and other vocalisations behind the processing – we’re impressed by their openness to this level of exposure. An easy recommendation for media producers (and scored as such below), but of decidedly limited relevance to musicians."

"This thing is an Aladins cave of samples. It goes on and on. Over 20 gig of samples from foley to sound effects and soundscapes. Litterally everything is high quality and usable. I love the ambient Drone and tonal layers. It’s going to take me a while to hear everything in this pack because of the sheer quantity. If you do music for film this is a must have, if you do anything experimental or ambient this pack is fantastic!."

"An enormous (5GB) grab bag of sci-fi-style sound effects, drones, textures, ambiences, hits, stings, sweeps, risers, fallers, transitions and so much more – 767 24-bit/96kHz samples, all told, fastidiously categorised and subcategorised, and covering an incredible amount of sonic ground. It’s impossible to convey Otherworld’s sheer scale in so few words, but if we had to choose some high points, they’d be the Hits and Dark & Ominous FX subfolders, and the entirety of the Transitions folder. An absolute steal at this price, Otherworld is a bona fide must-have."