Extensive collection of unique sfx for all kind of media such as TV, film, commercials, video games, apps and much more..


Eclectic range of ready-to-use cinematic sound effects to bring motion pictures to life​

Game Audio

Wide range of SFX materials for video games, animations, mobile apps, motion graphics...​

Production Elements

High-quality imaging elements with Blockbuster style sounds effects to boost any kind of film audio projects​

Trailer Cues

High-end trailer cues and sound design beds for motion picture, television and advertising campaigns


Diverse selection of professionally recorded HQ SFX for any foley, post-production, game or film project​

Field Recordings

Professional quality of environment sounds, nature ambiences and soundscapes from around the world


Game Audio

Production Elements

Trailer Cues

Field Recordings

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Mobile Game Sounds

Sound effects for game and app developers

Dark Thrilling Cinema

Mind-blowing suspenseful and thrilling dramas

cinematic trailer cues

Modern, powerful sound design beds and SFX cues

modern trailer sounds

High end sound design elements for film trailers and TV promos

Drama & romance

Hopeless moments to nostalgic lovers cues, sensitive breakdowns to dramatic underscores


Cinematic Horror

Plunge into darkness with unnerving sound effects

Cinematic Sci-FI

Explore future, space, different worlds and dimensions

Fantasy & Adventure

Dive into the world of fantasy with ultra-immersive adventures

horror elements

Unearthly dark and disturbing sound design elements

Science Fiction Elements

Modern futuristic sci-fi sound design tools

psychological horror & thriller

Deep dive into the psyche of madness

brain twisting psychological
horror thriller cinematic sound library

designed sound effects

Powerful sound design that will bring grit to any film and video game projects

designer tools collectıons

HQ sound recordings for any kind of sound design projects.

Everyday Objects & Household Sounds

Everyday objects to create realistic sound effects in film

FOLEY Recordings

High-quality recordings of rocks, gravel, wood, ice, water

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textures and atmospheres

Organic textures and cinematic ambiences

cınematıc hıts & booms

Deep, diverse and wholly original cinematic strikes

nature ambıences

High quality nature recordings for any kind of cinematic projects

sound design elements

Professionaly designed sound effects for any game or film project