We are proud to present “Frightmare” - it’s another nightmarish collection comes from deep inside of darkness! This devilishly crafted library brings you aggressive and horrific trailer cues with deep and intense sounds. Are you scare?

Featuring all the elements of utter darkness with a threatening and horrific theme. From huge cinematic hits to chest-crushing impacts, blood-freezing sweeps to goosebumps-evoking reverses, a haunting and menacing stingers with aggressive and aleatoric orchestral sounds, terrifying shockers to drastic heavy braams, tension-builder rises to suspenseful pulses, ominous drums to piercing stingers, frightening whooshes to obscure textures, hypnotically terrifying strings to psychotic distortions, deadly percussions and more.. Perfect for any kind of horror, thriller and suspense projects.

In detail you get 5 horror based cinematic trailer cues ready for use and delivered in industry-standard 24bit / 96kHz to ensure the highest quality for today's cinematic production needs. All tracks are BPM and key-labeled to make choosing the right file even easier. You can use them in your cinematic productions without to pay any licensing fee. So what we can say, this series will give you freedom to create instant movie trailers like a PRO in a seconds!

Perfect for use in Cinematic Composition, Film Scores, Short-movie Scores, Trailers, Commercials, Documentaries, Advertising, World and Background music. Also usable for any productions ranging from Electro, Cinematic DnB, Dubstep to Ambient and like to switch it up with something special..

Scary, Dark, Mysterious, Anxious! All of these words are enough to describe content of the pack..

PLEASE NOTE: The Stems and Tracks in "Trailer Cues Series" cannot be used to create tracks for Library Music Companies. Please see the Full License Agreement HERE and ensure you fully understand the terms of the license before making your purchase choices.

• TECH SPECS • 4.62GB • 5 Cinematic Trailer Cues • 24 Bit / 96kHz •

  • Cue 1: Succubus
  • Full Mix Length: 02:58
  • Bpm & Key: 60 C
  • 4 Mixes + 9 Versions
  • Cue 2: Innocent Souls
  • Full Mix Length: 02:06
  • Bpm & Key: 65 F
  • 5 Mixes + 9 Versions
  • Cue 3: Fright Club
  • Full Mix Length: 02:06
  • Bpm & Key: 70 D
  • 4 Mixes + 10 Versions
  • Cue 4: Malicious
  • Full Mix Length: 02:20
  • Bpm & Key: 75 C
  • 4 Mixes + 8 Versions
  • Cue 5: Wrong Turn
  • Full Mix Length: 01:41
  • Bpm & Key: 95 C
  • 4 Mixes + 10 Versions
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